National Conference of Agricultural Economics development

The conference was held with the following topics:
- National determination and Jihad management (national determination, Jihad management, resistance economy, religion, morality and culture)

- Environmental and Agricultural Development (water, earth, environment, climate change, natural resources, environmental impacts of agricultural development)

- The role of agriculture in the community and health, food security, food safety, organic farming)

- Research, education and technology (research, education and advocacy, innovation, knowledge management, indigenous knowledge, IT, Biotechnology, nanotechnology, GIS and RS, Renewable Energy in agriculture)

- Productivity (the rule of increasing  productivity of agricultural and price assurance, precision farming, mechanization, crops, agricultural waste, food processing, processing and packaging)

- Investment, finance and trade (modern markets and stock farming, marketing and organization of agricultural production, economic feasibility and potential investors-navigation, index and opportunities, organizing finance and investment credit funds to support the approach of the agriculture sector

- The role of cooperatives in rural agricultural development (consistency and inconsistency rural cooperatives Pathology and strategies, development of rural cooperatives and rules of them, models of financial transactions in rural cooperatives, rural cooperative role of cooperatives in the development, introduction and methods using the experience of successful models of rural cooperatives, cooperative role in the decision-making model of agriculture)

- The role of government in agricultural development (vision, growth and development models, systemic view, macro management of agriculture, management and strategic planning, taxation, insurance, agriculture, self-strategic products)



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