The 5th International Exhibition on Agriculture, Organic, Herbal, Natural Products and Technology, Jan 2015

 As people need food and nourishment daily, agriculture is the most important activity of human kind since the beginning of his time on this planet and it will remain so. Historical, cultural and social values surrounds agriculture and using these tenets in agriculture needs a great sense of responsibility in supporting soil, water, plantation and animals and suitable protocols in production, procurement and distribution of food and other related products. In many developing countries, agriculture is the main domain in their economy. This sector provides 45 to 90 percent of the production and 60 to 96 percent of their work force. Therefore, growth and development of countries does have a very close relationship with development of agriculture sector generally. As agriculture means production, it has the potential of playing a big role in dynamism of the development stability, national income, work force and the availability of assets in economy in general, in the process of national growth and development. As FAO (world food and agriculture organization reports, Iran does have the 10th place in exporting and approx. owns 15% of the international market regarding the following mentioned products.

Iran is one of the leading countries in detection of agriculture and farming. The role of agriculture in the national economy is studied form 2 different points of views: the share of the agriculture sector in the national gross production and procurement of foreign currency as a result of export. Agriculture not only provides currency and income constantly, but also it feeds the growing population of the nation. It owns 17 percent of the national gross production, one fifth of non-petrol export, one fourth of job opportunities, more than 80% of food production, 90% of the industry of converting agricultural products to raw materials in other industries, as well as having the potential of 29 million hectares of cultivatable land, 12 million hectares of forests, approximately 95 million hectares of pastures, and water resources of 12 million hectares. As FAO (world food and agriculture organization reports, Iran does have the 10th place in exporting and approx. owns 15% of the international market regarding the following mentioned products.

According to the Codex Alimentarius Commission,’ organic agriculture is a holistic production management system that avoids use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and genetically modified organisms, minimizes pollution of air, soil and water, and optimizes the health and productivity of interdependent communities of plants, animals and people’s. To meet these objectives, organic agriculture farmers need to implement a series of practices that optimize nutrient and energy flows and minimize risk, such as crop rotations and enhanced crop diversity, different combinations of livestock and plants, symbiotic nitrogen fixation with legumes, application of organic manure and biological pest control. Organic certification is required for market producers to consumers and there is a need to verify the organic claim. In developing countries, a huge number of uncertified farms apply organic agriculture.

Iranagrotech glad to inform you that Fifth IRAN AGRO TECH exhibition will be held from 14 to 17 January 2015 in Tehran Permanent Fairground under authorization of Trade Promotion Organization of Iran. The first exhibition, being launched in the year 2011 proved a considerable success and could gain attention of the experts and media as a long expected event in the industry. There is a close relation between sustainable development of the countries and their progress in technology and economic development. In all industrial and developed countries exhibitions play important role as powerful, flexible, cost effective business tools especially for heavy and key industries. Due to importance of agriculture and subordinate industries in both local and global economy, agricultural exhibitions are usually among the most important and effective ones. We hope that with cooperation of industry owners and experts through this exhibition we   can pave the way for a rapid radical progress in the related fields and exhibition provides a unique platform for local and international cooperation and convergence on the subject.

practices for their own subsistence purposes. It is to be highlighted that refraining from the use of synthetic inputs does not qualify an operation as organic, as far as it is not accompanied by a proper farm design and management that preserves natural resources from degradation. In 2007, certified organic lands were of 32 million hectares, involving 1.2 million Farmers. The purpose of professional exhibitions in agricultural industry, is to introduce the production ability of the country as a powerful arm in interacting economically, commercially and scientifically, as well as exhibiting technical and professional capabilities and abilities of the nations' producer sand industrialists and providing fruitful conspectuses in communication and interaction between our agriculturists and different foreign professional counterparts in this regard. We hope your presence and succour, leads us to achieving this goal.



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