Diammonium Phosphate (DAP)


Fertilizer Specifications:

Phosphorus has an important role in plant metabolism & is one of the main nutrients for its growth & development. Sufficient amount of phosphorus increases growth, improves root growth & helps in prematurity of the crop. Apart from having high supplement value (46% phosphorus pentoxide & 18% nitrogen) DAP also has low tendency of humidity absorption & clogging which makes it a desirable fertilizer.


Procedure and amount of usage:

In accordance with stabilization of phosphorus in soil & its mobility, this fertilizer should be used 2.5 – 5 cms under the seed within the soil. This procedure apart from increasing operating period also reduces the usage of fertilizer. With reference to soil & water conditions of the farm the amount of fertilizer for the same can be determined.







Chemical Composition of Diammonium Phosphate:




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