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“Biofer” is a natural organic fertilizer suitable for the growth of a variety of plants and horticultural crops such as pistachio, citrus fruits, variety of fruit trees, herbs and vegetables, potatoes, strawberries, green areas, grass etc. “Biofer” consists of 100 % organic products, poultry manure and crop residue which is rich in elements necessary for plant growth.

Benefits of Biofer Fertilizer:

•    prevents the leaching of nitrogen in soil
•    gradually releases micro and macro elements reach the roots
•    presence of organic matter that maintain soil fertility and triggers biological activity
•    propagation of roots, increases leaf chlorophyll, increases fruit trees yield
•    free of pathogens & weed seeds
•    increases soil moisture & its holding capacity
•    suitable for growth of a variety of plants and horticultural crops
•    contains high humus and is rich in nutrients
•    suitable for urban green areas , parks , development and stability of artificial forests
•    produced from bagasse ( sugarcane waste ) , guano and a variety of fungi and beneficial bacteria


Procedure & amount of usage:

Biofer can be easily distributed in soil via hand or through fertilizer sprinklers. Biofer can be used in cultivated land after distribution, burying in soil and then watering the same. If to be used before planting & transplanting, Biofer can be mixed or transferred below soil and for better absorption of the fertilizer the farm must be completely irrigated. Biofer for trees can be used by mixing it in soil & adding the same in manure pits.
Consumption values will vary according to plant type. The amount depends on the type of soil fertility and depending on plant growth rate, it increases plant growth up to two times.






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