Fertilizer plant projects

 Supplying the important agricultural inputs such as NPK fertilizers creates food security and increases productivity of production. Using the NPK fertilizers containing main elements which are needed by plants such as nitrogen, phosphor and potassium, results in healthy food production. Population increase causes an increase in the demand for foodstuffs. Increase of production is not possible with increase of under cultivation area because of severe shortage of water resources. So, we should be able to increase the harvest per unit area by right management methods of cultivation and production of NPK fertilizers and proper nutrition.


Importance of building a NPK fertilizers plant 

•    Assurance of access to standard high quality fertilizers
•    Creation of food security for supplying main elements needed for plant
•    Independence to imports
•    Supplying export markets in neighbor countries
•    Establishment of synergy with urea-ammoniac petrochemical industries
•    Cost reduction of obtaining NPK fertilizers for farmers
•    Creation of appropriate career opportunities


Goals of Fidar Tejarat Sabin Company

•    Development of food production industries based on phosphate products
•    Production and supplying different types of NPK fertilizers with required specifications for different areas of country
•    Increase of profitability with completing value chain of phosphate products
•    Development of export markets of neighbor countries
•    Improving the quality of produced NPK fertilizers to produce healthier agricultural products


Actions taken

•    Choosing a consulting company for doing the initial engineering studies and providing the primary engineering documents
•    Preparing a technical-commercial feasibility study
•    Performing the initial negotiations with investors and financers to start the project




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