Processing of medicinal plants

The importance of the cultivation of medicinal plants:

One of the existing capacities in Iran for the development of the domestic economy and international export, is growing and harvesting of medicinal plants.

According to experts, the development of agro- industrialization of medicinal plants, plays a significant role in saving the species, creates added value and increases the volume of global trade in medicinal plants.

The national document of medicinal plants and traditional medicine states that the volume of global trade of medicinal plants in the world in 2010 was $100 billion. It is expected that focus on medicinal plants and herbal medicines in 2050 may reach a turnover of $5,000 billion.

According to the currency binding of medicinal plants and their role in economic development, cultivation of medicinal plants, strengthening the processing industry and export it to other countries is solution to experts for support & development of medicinal plants.

Fidar Tejarat Sabin Company in order to achieve the vision and goals for sustainable agricultural development, has set out to develop cultivation & utilization of medicinal plants such as Moringa Oleifera which is of high economic importance.


Introduction of Moriga Oleifera Plant:

In recent years Moringa Oleifera has been a good food source & of good economic value for advanced & developing countries. Its leaves are a rich source of protein and vitamins and grows easily and widely used in projects to combat malnutrition. Moringa leaves can be a new concept in agricultural production, progress of the food industry and trade.


Properties & usage of Moriga Oleifera Plant:

In the world Moringa has been popular for its benefits & use in medical industry- Pharmaceutical and food industries-agriculturally known & is a plant whose all parts are usable & consumable.

In India outer shell of it is used as a vegetable in culinary use and it is packaged or exported fresh to many countries for immigrants. The root is used as a substitute for horseradish and its leaves are used as vegetables as half cooked or cooked as food or used as seasoning. The seeds are consumed as snacks raw or toasted.

Dried leaf powder can be added to any kind of food as food supplement as minerals and vitamins.



Moringa Oleifera project at Fidar Tejarat Sabin:

1.    Choosing a suitable area in the south of the country for cultivation
2.    Processing and packaging unit in free zones
3.    Marketing and exports to European countries
4.    Partnership with foreign companies to invest and develop technical knowledge




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